segmented surfaces

Segmented Surfaces is an investigation into a meta morphology that is interrogated to deliver an aesthetic out of emergence.

Emergent forms are developed out of algorithms that propagate through random variation and are then analyzed for manufacture through an interaction of digital and analog methods of production. The interaction between manual and digital means of manufacturing is largely transparent – leaving artifacts of both the digital and analog processes on the finished form.

Each form is developed from an explicit algorithmic identity, or DNA. Genetic applications are produced within a given envelope of opportunity in which bodies of a similar range of possibilities are developed and realized as singular bodies. Segmentation is deployed as a tool for explicit extraction of form from digital autonomy. Material differentiation is applied as a tonal application of identity, much like the difference between hair color, skin tone, amongst animals, a hardened descriptor.

The pieces are activated by the viewer as they hang in space – shadows, form, texture, structure, resolution, are understood by the viewers engagement with each piece’s spatial condition. The subjective nature of the viewer allows the form to be understood only as a relative association to the meta object. A distillation of meaning is understood through activation of movement. From a digital solid to an assemblage of segments, the translation allows for a continual re-reading of the formal identity held in the meta state.

  • 24X6-001
  • 24X6-004
  • Segmentation intervals create varying affect in shadow, light, and reading
  • 24X6-004